At Astucci, we are dedicated to pioneering sustainable practices through our relentless focus on research and development. Whether it involves enhancing the eco-friendliness of our own manufacturing processes, reducing emissions, or assisting other brands in transitioning to sustainable packaging solutions, we firmly believe in shouldering responsibility for our environmental impact. Through collective efforts and incremental changes, we are poised to make a lasting difference.

Sustainable packaging design | Eco-Friendly Eyeglasses case | ASTUCCI

Our Sustainability Team

Our team at Astucci is primed to collaborate with you closely, tailoring packaging solutions that align seamlessly with your brand ethos. Drawing upon the expertise of our in-house design team, we offer a spectrum of styles that not only amplify your brand aesthetics but also underscore the positive environmental footprint of each product. By advocating for eco-conscious practices, we aim to usher in a greener approach to packaging that reverberates with earth-friendly initiatives.

Sustainable packaging design | Eco-Friendly Eyeglasses case | ASTUCCI

Cost-Effective Solutions

Recognizing the apprehensions surrounding cost implications, we at Astucci strive to make sustainability financially accessible to all. Understanding that monetary constraints shouldn't impede the transition towards sustainability, we diligently work within your budgetary framework, ensuring that eco-conscious choices are well within reach for brands seeking sustainability.

Sustainable packaging design | Eco-Friendly Eyeglasses case | ASTUCCI

Environmentally-Friendly Materials

At Astucci, we are dedicated to sustainability and have carefully curated a selection of eco-friendly materials for our products. From Recycled PET to organic fair trade cotton and Recycled PU, we offer a variety of environmentally conscious options.

These materials not only have unique qualities but also meet strict international sustainability standards. By working with certified suppliers, we ensure the quality and eco-friendliness of our materials, showcasing our strong commitment to responsible sourcing practices.